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97941 Tauberbischofsheim

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Web: http://www.tauber-solar.de

The TAUBER-SOLAR Group plansfinances and operates major solar power plants on rooftops and in open spaces in Germany and the rest of Europe. Since its foundation in 2001, we have already completed over 520 solar power plants, including the largest roof-top plants in the world, which are now providing clean energy.

Despite the negative developments in German energy policy, the TAUBER-SOLAR Group has been able to assert its position on the market and is optimally equipped for the future. Sustainable management, wise investments and clearly defined competences are the essential guarantees for the most unhampered success.

The unconditional desire to promote and realise sustainable energy production really characterises the TAUBER-SOLAR Group. Over 3,000 joint venturers and investors have already been convinced of this and back the ideas of the “solar community”.