SARAKO was founded in 2013 and made it its mission to find a way to use solar energy in Mauritius and southern Africa. The company is responsible for the project management, construction and installation of large free-standing photovoltaic systems and solar parks as well as for the ongoing maintenance, monitoring and care of the solar power plants.

SARAKO is a reliable partner for the realisation of major solar energy projects and benefits from its partnerships with companies like the Tauber Solar Group, which currently produces more than 125 megawatts of solar power in Germany and Spain.

The goal at SARAKO is to allow energy to be produced on site in an affordable, self-sufficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The sun is an independent source of energy that is available to us every single day and that also protects the environment and reduces CO2 emissions. Finding a way to tap into the power of the sun will allow us to protect our environment today and for future generations.

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