How does the Bambous solar park work?

Based on its size and the way it works, the Bambous solar park is what we would call a free-standing photovoltaic system or, in simpler terms, a solar power plant. 

The solar power is generated using solar cells that absorb some of the sun’s radiation. The so-called inverters, which convert the DC current from the solar cells into usable AC current, form the heart of any solar plant.

The solar modules at the solar park are firmly mounted to a substructure and pointed towards the sun at an angle that has been calculated to ensure an ideal output. 

The solar modules can also absorb sunlight and generate power when there are clouds in the sky. 

The power that is generated is fed to the closest substation via a 4.6-km power line that was specially built for this system.

The levels of solar radiation and heat associated with this type of power generation are completely harmless, so there is no need for additional components like a cooling system for this type of plant.  The plant is reliable, environmentally friendly, and helps minimize CO2 emissions caused by generating power.

Source: Translated from German: Wikipedia / TAUBER-SOLAR

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